How to have a wedding on a Shoestring Budget

How to have a wedding on a Shoestring Budget
wedding on a Shoestring Budgets

How to have a wedding on a Shoestring Budget. The other day, was discussing my marriage with some of my closest friends and told them that even though my husband and I had a destination wedding on a cruise ship, our wedding expenses totaled somewhere around twelve thousand dollars. One of my friends Jessica, who is originally from the South, but was displaced by Hurricane Katrina, told me that most weddings is less elaborate and much cheaper than here in the North East. When I asked her how much she spent on her marriage if she lived in the South, said “five thousand max”. Although I was a bit shocked how someone could arrange a marriage on a small amount, I was intrigued and wondered how she would schedule it.

Here’s a list of how to have a wedding on a low budget, thanks to my friend, Jessica.

First of all, realize that your marriage must not be cliché. All marriages are processed very cookie cutter, very predictable, and unless your parents have a very large budget to pay for everything, the bride and groom may be footing a large beak as a down payment for a home, all for a single feast day.

A wedding is to celebrate with close friends and family members, who say most of you. Your receipt will have the majority of your budget, is to celebrate that you have found each other, so if you have a backyard or a ball, remember the true meaning of your wedding.

Receive Position -if anyone knows he has a big house or a nice courtyard, ask whether they contribute to a day like your wedding gift. If you want to have in your home, check out the small local association or fraternal organization. Chances are that these positions are much cheaper than banquet halls.

Food -friends and family can help prepare the wedding banquet. A few months before, ask friends and family to prepare a special dish for the occasion. Having homemade food adds a personal touch. Alternatively, if there is a favorite local restaurant, you can order trays of food to be delivered to your location. This will cost you just a fraction of the price versus having a banquet hall to host the event in their position.

Cake -again, enlist the help of friends and family. There are many do it yourself wedding cake recipes on the internet, this would be a good task to give your bridesmaids to make. Let them do a test run a month before, so that you can get the hang of cake making and decorating.

Wedding dress -if you know a seamstress-great! Go to a local Draper’s shop, select the fabric for your dress and have it done for you. Another option is to borrow your mum or Grandma’s dress. Or shop at local discount stores or sample sales. David’s Bridal offers cheaper options and has offices nationwide.

Bride and groom and Groomsmen attire -rent a tux can be a cheap option, and many tux rental shops may offer a discount if you rent a pair. Or just skip the tux and have your men wear a suit.

Flowers -if you’re going to come, and your wedding is in spring or early summer, plant flowers in a garden and take them to your wedding. Or check your local stores for seasonal flowers (which is cheaper) and arrange your bouquet on the morning of your wedding. Local farm Stand, they can also have a selection of flowers. Buy premade bouquet and place in jars around the reception area.

Music -unless you know a DJ or a Band who will perform for free, the musicians are generally expensive. Do some wedding CD and label them (opening music, dance music, music time dinner, cake cutting music) and enlist the help of a friend to play at appropriate times during your marriage. If you have an Ipod, make playlists for this.

Photo & Video -a friend or two with a good mega pixel camera can capture every moment of your day. Also ask another Member to grab the camera. If you want a professional wedding portrait, you can swing by a local JC Penny and Sears store between the ceremony and the reception. With coupons that send these stores, you can get a package of photos for usually under ten dollars.

Favours -forget the pre-packed and hand favors homemade cookies or candy treats. If you want to give something a little more memorable without breaking your budget, give small frames.

Finally, Jessica told me that a marriage that actively planned and arranged by many friends and family lends a personal touch and a feeling of real family. Everyone gathers to help you have a nice day. The sense of family and solidarity that you get from a homemade wedding is truly magical and heartwarming. And after all, isn’t that what marriage is all about?

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