Have your wedding cake and eat it too!


Have your wedding cake
Have your wedding cake

Have your wedding cake. There are different traditions and beliefs involving the wedding cake. It is not just a piece of cake, is actually a focal point of the event. Basic things to keep in mind about the wedding cake is that it must be a flavor that I love you, the bride and groom. Remember that this is your day! Should look the way you want and taste the way you want.

Over the years, heaven knows why, always not having eaten the wedding cake. In some countries, after the pairs have their slice cake sit untouched except to let women single pull Fortune slips (sort of like fortune cookies) out from under the layers of cake marked tapes. This is really sad! Think of the delicious cake not consumed and children looking longingly the Nice sweet treat at your fingertips that can not be touched.

They came upon one of the reasons is the belief that the cake (at least the top of it) must be preserved in order to celebrate the christening of their first child. Still, food is meant to be eaten. Enter false layers!

At the wedding of a friend, only the portion from slicing for the bride and the groom was real. The rest of the cake was sliced and packaged individually. Those who have given away as their souvenirs. A practical and delicious gift.

One of the reasons that superstitious may decide to give out the cake, the cake of sharing is said to share the blessings and happiness and it comes back tenfold. Another reason is that individual who put a piece of wedding cake under their pillow will be a dream of the person you will marry. Help your friends find their match, share the pastry.

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