Fun and easy holiday wedding ideas

Fun and easy holiday wedding ideas
Fun and easy holiday wedding ideas

Fun and easy holiday wedding ideas. Christmas is the most magical time of the year for most of us; glittering lights, Christmas spirit and effortlessly decorations are everywhere. This is actually the final season for effortless planning and fairy tale wedding ideas; wedding flowers, wedding decorations and your menus will be a breeze if you simply take your cues from “the best moment of the year …”

Wedding dresses

Choose a wedding dress for your Yuletide wedding should be the same process as any other time of the year. You should choose a dress that complements your shape, skin tone, tone of marriage and of the season. Christmas is the perfect time of year for a little extra sparkle to your outfit, or a piece of head studded with gems. Cream and ivory dresses are wonderful choices like dresses with metallic accents and bits of fur for brides bolder. Weddings, holidays are the ideal time to break those fabulous accessories that may seem a bit too under the hot summer sun.

Try these winter additions for your perfect dress:

Elbow length gloves
Fur shawl
Fur muffs for cold hands
Colored sashes for your life

Wedding colors

Winter weddings call for holiday rich, deep colors. Burgundy jewel tones and deep green forest are beautiful choices when accented with other colors lighter and vice versa. Some popular color combinations include: cream with gold, silver accents; Bordeaux red with hints of cream, gold or silver; Deep jewel tones (plum, royal blue) with silver accents and gold. If you’re planning on using more traditional Christmas time-red and green-best are used in your d├ęcor with floral arrangements and other decorations, not as the main theme.

Wedding decorations

Floral arrangements, bridal bouquets and decorations that are simple are tres tres chic in December. For your Christmas floral arrangements wedding bouquet, recommend florists winter: Red Roses, chrysanthemums, white baby’s breath, lilies, stargazer, Holly, pine branches, amaryllis, paper whites, carnations, calla lilies. Potted Christmas stars are a great choice added flare and mistletoe placed strategically around your room will add romance as well.

And to top it all off, add a few sprigs of Holly or a few beautiful Christmas ornaments at the top of your wedding cake for Merry, cheerful look.

A warm glow of Christmas is another obvious but necessary choice for easy setting your special day: twinkly white lights and candles will keep your event festive and cheerful.

Other ideas include:

Popular Christmas melodies playing each song fourth or fifth
Arriving in a sleigh or carriage rides
Serve hot cocoa as a choice of drinks
Strategically placed candy canes in your centerpieces
Small decorated and lighted Christmas trees placed around the home (or just put some lights on bushes in existence!)

Wedding Menu

With temperatures cooling down outside and snow on Earth (or at least brown grass) comfort foods are a perfect choice for your wedding menu. Meat roast beef or chicken with rich gravy, pared with root vegetables and mashed potatoes are easy and convenient choice for your day-and a guaranteed success with children.

Wedding favors

Fascinating Christmas ornaments with the date of your special day will be a wonderful thanks for your guests. Unique gifts are always preferred and easy to integrate into your home decor. Special holiday cookies and drink recipes written on the cards are a unique keepsake favor. Of copper or silver Christmas cookie collection bundle per household is a clever idea-just stick a wedding announcement along with a cute little candy cane and you’re ready!

Holiday weddings should not be a source of stress added to one of the busiest times of the year; on the contrary. With the natural joy, celebration Christmas background and these tips, your wedding ceremony winter vacation will be a pleasure and a joy for everyone involved.

Lilly Gordon is a freelance writer web publisher. She is a keen gardener and fascinated with wedding flower trends, and unique gifts.