Favors for Your Wedding Party

Favors for Your Wedding Party
Favors for Your Wedding Party

Favors for Your Wedding Party. A wedding is such an exciting time and you will want to commemorate the occasion by offering gifts and favors to your guests and your wedding party. Wedding favors are a way to thank those involved for being a part of the celebration of your marriage, as well as giving them a token to remember the day. The act of giving gifts and favors is nearly as old as the idea of large weddings, but the actual wedding favors and gifts themselves have become very elaborate. For many brides, selecting the favors and gifts that she will bestow upon her guests and wedding party is one of the most important elements of planning her wedding.

Wedding Party Gifts

Your wedding party is made up of the bride and groom’s attendants, parents and, often, the personal actually performing the wedding ceremony. Basically, if the person has a part in the wedding, including raising one of the couple, he or she is a member of the wedding party. Giving these people gifts is a way to show your appreciation for their involvement and support, and offer a memento of the wedding and your relationship. It is traditional to give attendants such as bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts that they can use during the wedding such as jewelry, cuff links, hair accessories or handkerchiefs. Because they are generally young children, the flower girl and ring bearer, if they are part of your ceremony, are often given small toys or other forms of entertainment that will be useful during the rehearsal dinner and reception, as well as after the wedding. Handkerchiefs are popular gifts for parents, as are photographs, cuff links and earrings.

If your wedding will feature cultural elements that are special it is particularly meaningful to offer gifts that speak to that culture. For example, if your wedding will blend Scottish elements from one side with Jewish elements from another, you may give bridesmaids a decorative shawl made in Israel embroidered with the words of Song of Solomon, while providing groomsmen with kilts in the groom’s tartan.

Classic Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a seemingly small detail that can make a huge impact on your guests. These little gifts are offered to each of your guests to remind them of your wedding day and thank them for taking the time to celebrate with you. Many consider the first “favor” that was ever offered at weddings to be a slice of the wedding cake wrapped and sent home with each guest. Other classic wedding favors include candy such as Jordan almonds, cookies or other treats wrapped in color coordinated packaging that matches your overall decorative theme. Small picture frames, bells and ornamental pieces such as paperweights are also popular choices.

Personalized Favors

It has become particularly fashionable to create personalized wedding favors for your guests. These can feature your names, wedding date or monogram. There are literally thousands of options for personalized favors. Some very effective ones include customized treat boxes full of a beloved confection, a toy or trinket that represents the couple such as a rubber duck or action figure, or a set of seeds that will grow into a plant the couple truly loves with a handwritten card expressing the hope that the seeds will remind each guest of the love of the couple.

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